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Hike&Fly at Kyrgyz Range


ПиЛ 8
ПиЛ 8

22 June 2013

The last cold front passed one week ago and presented us almost a whole week of great XC conditions. But inversion got thicker day by day and the flights were becoming more and more short.

So we decided to try Hike&Fly while the mountains are green and fresh. We took off at 1000 (Tysacha - 2270 m) and started our journey...

Take a look to  Our Gallery here for the H&F pics...


Flights on Kyrgyz Range

Кыргызскийхребет - Чуй 22
Кыргызски …

June is wonderful month for flying in Kyrgyzstan.  We did a lots of really good XC-flights in this time.

Most of them were started at "1000" (Tysacha) takeoff, Whic is located at 2270m ASL. You can find the description of that takeoff in the Flying Sites menu.

See below our mini- gallery about these flights. Or Browse the Main Gallery here..


Bivouac flight on Kyrgyz Ridge - Trial stage

Three-days-minimum bivouac flight on Kyrgyz Ridge from Chuy valley towards Issik-Kul lake.

What is covered: airport transfers, transport and retrieve (jeeps, vans), accommodation (ski resorts), pre-flight briefings, route planning, Radio support: Emergency Frequency, Retrieval Frequency. Meal: three meals a day, lunch box for all flight days.


+996 (550) 198899
+996 (552) 216916