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Jalalabad is the third city in the country. It is situated on the South below the Fergana Range. Here you can find very good conditions for any type of lfights - Mountain or Flatland fling. Jalalabad pilots have 4 different sites fo different winds and weather conditions.

THat's why you can fly almost every day in Jalalabad. If th Western wind is blowing you just go to the main takeoff - MARKAI. If it is Eastern norning wind coming up from the East, so you cannot go to Markai, you can go to ANTENNA - the other takeoff with 400 meters drop to valley.

If you face the South-West wind or South, the best place is KARATASH (nickname - "Mini-Dolomites"). Finally you can go to the training hill - "200" which is on East direction from the town.

Waypoints for MARKAI takeoff in Google Earth kml format


Suusamyr, the Heart of Tien Shan

SUUSAMYR - is a high mountain valley, surrounded by beautiful snowy peaks of Tien Shan mountains. It is a unique place for epic high XC flights i the real big mountains.Unique gegraphical location, hard continental climate and unreal landscape create magic mixture of thermal atmosphere with high skies (cloudbase up to 5 000m).

Suusamyr valley spread for more than 100 km long from East to West - along the main wind direction. The valley width is about 40km in the most wide part. It has a triangular shape with long side along the Kyrgyz range from West to East (100km) with peaks as high as 4500 meters. The main takeoffs are located right here - on South face of Kyrgyz Range Mountains.

THe SUUSAMYR map  with UTM grid
Waypoints - for competitions in the next formats:
GoogleEarth(kml), OziExplorer(wpt), GPX, UTM


Bishkek, Chui valley

The Chui valley is most north valley of Kyrgyzstan. It is placed to the north from Kyrgyz Range and it accomodates the capital of Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek. Thermals starts here in April and lasts up to the end of September.

You can make really big XC flights along  the Kyrgyz Range mountains, flying more then handred kilometers, crossing numbers of valleys and ridges.Main takeoffs here are the TYSACHA (2270m), CChon-Tash(1500) and Jylamish (1270).

There is an upper valley on the south from Bishkek. It is fenced by the hills chain from the Chui valley. It is pretty good thermalling conditions in the upper valley thanks to the unique geography. It has 10 km width and 30 km long.

Taking off from Tysyacha paraglider pilots have more than 1000 meters above the valley and can fly very interesting XC flights. Jylamish take off is another very good place for flying over the flatlands, because the takeoff is situated on the hill placed almost in the valley. 

Waypoints  for TYSACHA takeoff in the formats: Google Earth kml  OziExplorer(wpt)  UTM(utm)

Local Map with UTM grid (1-km cell grid)


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