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Bivouac flight on Kyrgyz Ridge - Trial stage

Project’s goals

Introduce Kyrgyzstan as an excellent region for bivouac flights. Evaluation of known routes and discovery of new ones.


Dates and region: Kyrgyzstan, Chuy valley (Kyrgyz Ridge foothills), 10th of June 2013, 3 to 5 flight days.


Three-days-minimum bivouac flight on Kyrgyz Ridge from Chuy valley towards Issik-Kul lake.
What is covered: airport transfers, transport and retrieve (jeeps, vans), accommodation (ski resorts), pre-flight briefings, route planning, Radio support: Emergency Frequency, Retrieval Frequency. Meal: three meals a day, lunch box for all flight days.

Proposed route - subject to change due to weather conditions

Day 1

Day 2

  • Start - ski resort Toguz-Bulak (start from the top of ski lift (ski lift will be in operation))
  • Landing - ski base camp “Orlovka”, overnight at the hotel, end of the main stage

Total: 80 km. - linear distance

Day 3 and day 4 and 5 (on request)

  • Start on base camp “Orlovka”, flight in Boom ravine (landing due to situation and weather conditions)
  • Rest in Balykchi town
  • Flights above (and around) Issykul lake - depending on weather

Participants will need

  • A national license or IPPI
  • Certified: paraglider, harness, helmet
  • 2 m. radio
  • Insurance (travel or extreme) - required
  • Log-book or link to a flight server (to recommend the appropriate group)
  • Personal first aid kit - recommended


  • Participation fee includes actual costs, no profit for organizers included. Detailed calculations are open information and accessible by participants’ request.




+996 (550) 198899
+996 (552) 216916