Warranty terms

The warranty covers defects caused by the manufacturer (hereinafter referred to as factory defects) for a period of 3 (three) months from the date of sale.

The Seller is obliged to issue the Buyer a warranty card, which must contain: the product name, quantity, date of sale, serial number and receipt. As well as the seal or painting of the Seller. The Buyer's signature is not required because by taking the warranty card, the Buyer confirms that the quality of the goods sold in all respects meets the conditions of the Buyer.

By collecting the warranty card, the Buyer confirms that the product satisfies him (her) in its design, interface, quality, appearance and technical characteristics. The buyer agrees with the terms of the warranty, the manufacturer's country, the language of the instructions, the cost of the goods and considers that the terms of the warranty do not bear any damage in relation to him (her).

When the Buyer applies to the Seller with the occurrence of a warranty event, the Seller reserves the right to take the product for technical examination for a period of at least three working days to clarify the factory defect. The seller is not responsible for the storage of files (photos, videos, contacts of the program and other files) and removable accessories (SIM card, flash card, case, bag, etc.) of the delivered product. If a technical expert discovers a factory defect, the Seller undertakes to fix the product on its own. If it is impossible to correct the defect, the Seller must replace the defective product within 15 days. At the same time, the newly provided equipment can be restored or new, and in terms of its technical characteristics and cost, it is no worse than the returned defective one. After replacement or warranty repair, the warranty period for the product is not extended, i.e. it remains unchanged. The seller is not obliged to make a temporary replacement of the defective product during the warranty repair.

At the time of purchase, the Buyer must familiarize himself with the correct operation of the product with the operating system (Android, Windows, drivers, etc.) and software. The Seller is not responsible for any failures in the operation of the product due to defects in the software by the manufacturer. The seller reserves the choice to voluntarily carry out service repairs if this does not require additional costs (purchase of spare parts and software).

Warranty violations

The following are the cases in which the warranty service is not performed:

1. The absence of a warranty card, a complete set of the product, as well as stickers, seals provided by the manufacturer.

2. In the presence of any mechanical damage (scratches, chips, dents, as well as deformations).

3. In the case of unauthorized repairs by unauthorized persons of the Seller, opening the design change, interference with the software, installing modified programs, changing the BIOS and Recovery.

4. Ingress or exposure to liquids (moisture) and chemicals.

5. Connection to the network with invalid parameters. The use of chargers that do not meet the requirements of the product specified in the technical specifications. documentation.

6. Overheating of the product i.e. using the product to critical temperatures.

7. In the case of defects caused by the installation of software from an unknown source (programs, games, etc.) and the use of accessories or other parts not approved by the manufacturer.

8. Parallel use of the product at the time of charging.


The warranty does not apply to accessories such as cables, cords, cases, headphones, chargers, power supplies, battery, etc.