Delivery Information

  • Delivery of goods worth from 2000 SOM in Bishkek-Free of charge! 
  • Delivery of goods worth up to 2000 SOM in Bishkek - 120 SOM!

Delivery time:
  • If the order is made before 11: 00, the product is delivered before 14: 00 hours of this day.
  • If the order is made from 11: 00 to 15: 00, the product is delivered before 18: 00 of that day.
  • If the order is made from 15: 00 to 19: 00, the product is delivered before 21: 00 of this day.
  • If the order is made after 19: 00, the product is delivered the next day before 14: 00

Delivery in the regions of Kyrgyzstan is carried out on 100% prepayment and is sent through the courier service "Yldam Express" to the customer's door (delivery to the door is specified additionally)

Payment can be made via the electronic wallet Elsom

Bishkek city
Free of
charge Osh
200 som
200 som
200 som
200 som
200 som
Karakol city
200 som

Express delivery:
Urgent delivery of goods up to 2000 SOM is 200 SOM, from 2000 som is 150 SOM
Delivery is carried out within 60 minutes from the moment of the order (if the courier is late, the delivery will be free)
Delivery to residential areas and suburbs is carried out at an additional cost

Kara-Balta city
450 som
Tokmok 450
300 som
Novopokrovka village
100 som
S. Jal
100 som
S. Alexandrovka
350 som Dostuk
100 som
S. Orok
100 som
Sokuluksky district
300 som
The rest of the railway 50 som

The customer has the opportunity to order free delivery of two models of goods to choose from and choose the one they like when receiving the goods
For more accurate contact information, please write your contact number correctly and e-mail in the comments for the order or other contact information
  1. (it often happens that people make a mistake in the phone number and it is not possible to contact the client. If we do not contact you we WILL NOT be ABLE to deliver the goods to you and serve you)